Is there anything more classic than a rockstar-model marriage? It’s the PB&J of celebrity romances, and perhaps no couple epitomizes the concept more than Patti Hansen and Keith Richards. The model and Rolling Stones guitarist have been married for 32 (!!) years, and have two daughters together. We caught up with Alexandra Richards, the youngest of the sisters, at a party in Toronto and talked beauty, celebs and of course, family, with the DJ and model.

Alexandra Richards

1. She’s a total skincare pro
“I’ve grown up knowing that minimal is everything, so that’s kind of what I base [my routine] on. I wash my face with Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser and I really like to do a papaya face mask, which has a lot of enzymes in it for when I’m feeling depleted after travelling. With traveling and being in a social scene, my skin can get totally clogged. I like Aesops for exfoliators, too. And the YSL matte primer is nice because you’re still putting makeup on but it’s also a nice treatment underneath. I use Bobbi Brown’s Face Touch Up Stick for a spot concealer because it has an oil base but doesn’t look oily. I really know my skincare because of my mom and older sister.”

2. Her desert island beauty pick is surprisingly practical
“Paw Paw [Balm] for sure, because it’s for rashes; it’s for all those little things you would get in the woods. It’s like the Australian Vaseline. And it’ll still hydrate you. Most people say mascara, [right]? No, you have to be hydrated [so] when they come and find you, you still look like Brooke Shields.”

3. She doesn’t raid her dad’s [Keith Richards] closet
“He would immediately be like “I know that’s mine.” If I could I would take his scarves, but no.”

4. Her mom [Patti Hansen] on the other hand…
“I got some hand-me-downs from her so that was nice. I was such a tomboy growing up, and she was the first to say to me, ‘Allie, you can dress up an outfit with a blazer. You don’t have to wear jeans to everything.’ So now that’s my go-to. [My parents] are so effortlessly cool with their style and I’ve always acted on that, and it’s been hit or miss for me. I’m like, ‘Well, they can wear this so I can [do] the same.’ But it’s all about confidence.”

5. She still gets starstruck
“At the FiFi Awards (Fragrance Foundation Awards), Linda Evangelista came up to me and I knew she’d worked with my mom in the past, so I said ‘Oh my god, hi, I’m Patti’s daughter.’ How absurd that that was the first thing that came out of my mouth. She looked at me and said, “You are your own person” and walked away. She was so cool and sweet and I just liked that kind of enlightenment.”

6. She’s a fragrance junkie
“My [favourite scent] is amber. My dad wears a lot of [it]. That’s why I’m very attracted to heavy scents, like amber and musk. I love the way my dad smells and [those scents] just bring [me] home.”