JOE APFELBAUMStarting a new business is never easy and doing it while having a full time job, a young growing family and the stress of living in an expensive city just adds to pain.

For me being an entrepreneur is built in, I don’t have to learn how to be one, I just am one to the core. My mother recently told me that my sister is looking for an apartment but can’t afford one in a certain area.

I told her to have her rent one in a place where she can afford it and AirBnB it out. Make enough off that to cover two apartments and boom. That just how I was born to think.

When I ran my own web design business, IT support company, eBay business, seo company, graphic design business, construction company and real estate website at the same time while having a full time job, I knew I was doing something wrong because it’s not humanly possible for someone do that and be successful at all of it.

The way I was able to graduate from a 6 figure income to a 7 figure income was to find the right partner and to focus my energies into one business. That is exactly what happened when I met my current business partner.

Joe Apfelbaum and Brandon Webb of the Entrepreneurs Organization of New York.
Joe Apfelbaum and Brandon Webb of the Entrepreneurs Organization of New York.

He asked me what I love doing most when he met me and I kept promoting all my businesses to him. I realized that it wasn’t about what business I was excited about but I was excited about promoting things. I was passionate about promoting ideas, businesses, concepts and more.

I get really excited when I get other people excited about something. We also all agree that I am a huge nerd. I spend hours in stores like FRY’s electronics. For me it’s like I become a kid in a candy store.

Once I realized that it was about focusing on one business, It was really hard to let go of all the money I was making doing little things. Running the advertising for a website that made me a few thousand a month, running my real estate website, running my web design company, my IT company. I was getting paid real money for all those things not to mention my full time job where I made 6 figures on that alone and had great benefits like health insurance and paid time off.