Hipster slang was originally used for “those who love jazz.” By the early 2000s, the word has been used to describe young middle-class people in the cities, like listening to indie rock, indie movie, etc.

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People easily recognize them thanks to unique fashion: wearing old style clothes, sunglasses, a hat, etc. They are not odd people because a lot of hipsters love reading, love art, creativity and also environmental concerns.

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Here are must-visit destinations where hipsters cannot miss out in Asia Pacific area that Skyscanner suggested:

Hoan Kiem Lake, Hanoi, Vietnam

Visiting Hoan Kiem Lake with the maze of ancient streets surrounded, visitors will find buildings from the French colonial period, cafe stores in Paris style, fashion stores, jewelry stores, interior and traditional crafts, etc. Tourists can join with indigenous people to enjoy an interesting life and behold panoramic view of the capital on the rooftop bar or stroll through alleys.

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Hanoi On The Top Destinations For Hipsters  (1)

The Old Quarter area around Hoan Kiem Lake takes place many musical activities and vibrant art performances.

Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Hipsters can spend a weekend at Tiong Bahru paradise. The oldest real estate of Singapore is a place where the contrast between old and new exists. Tiong Bahru is described with bar – nice coffee stores, used bookstores, many co-existence stores from 40th decade and a traditional market. Strolling around the Old Quarter, you’ll see old apartments with round balcony and spiral staircase.

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A diner in Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Tian Zi Fang, Shanghai, China

Small lanes in Tian Zi Fang are very suitable to enjoy art space in the heart of Shanghai. Visitors will discover a number of craft shops, galleries, fashion stores and old style cafes which are updated from an abandoned factory. Hipster people also have the opportunity to explore Shikumen houses (combination of Western and ancient Chinese architecture, appeared from the 1860s) which are located on Taikang Road.

Hanoi On The Top Destinations For Hipsters  (2)

Art space in Tian Zi Fang small alley